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Gold Ore Ball Mill Grinding Spiral Classifier Machine

Short Description:

The Spiral classifier is widely used in ore dressing plant and ball mill to form closed-circuit circulation and separate ore sand, or in gravity ore dressing plant to classify ore sand and fine mud, in metal ore dressing process to carry out particle size classification of ore pulp, and in ore washing operation to desliming, dehydration and other operations. The classifier has the advantages of simple structure, reliable operation and convenient operation. Spiral classifier is called classifier for short. There are four types of classifier: high weir single screw and double screw, submergence single screw and double screw.

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The classifier of our company is mainly composed of transmission device, screw body, tank body, lifting mechanism, lower support (bearing bush) and ore discharge valve. The classifier produced by our company adopts advanced technology research and development, featuring simple structure, reliable work, convenient operation, etc.


Working Principle

When the machine is working, the classifier is based on the principle of different solid particle size and specific gravity, so the settling speed in the liquid is different. Fine ore particles float in the water and overflow, and coarse ore particles sink at the bottom of the tank. A classification equipment that pushes the screw to the upper part to discharge for mechanical classification. It can grade the material and powder grinded out of the mill to filtration, and then screw the coarse material into the mill feed port by using the spiral slice spiral disc to discharge the filtered fine material from the overflow pipe. The base of the machine is made of channel steel and the body is welded with steel plate. The screw shaft’s water head, shaft head, adopt pig iron sleeve, wear-resistant and durable. The lifting device is divided into electric and manual.




Diameter of screw

Speed of screw




Lifting motor









FLG-508 508 8-12 140-260 32 14-18 Y90L-6 4 / / 5340x934x1274 2.8
FLG-750 750 6-10 250-570 65 14-18 Y132S-6 5.5 / / 6270x1267x1584 3.8
FLG-915 915 5-8 415-1000 110 14-18 Y132M2-6 7.5 / / 7561x1560x2250 4.5
FLG-1200 1200 5-7 1165-630 155 17 Y132M2-6 7.5 Y90L-4 1.5 7600x1560x2250 7.0
FLG-1500 1500 2.5-6 1830-2195 235 17 Y160M-6 11 Y100L-4 2.2 10200x1976x4080 9.5
FLG-2000 2000 3.5-5.5 3890-5940 400 17 Y160L-4 15 Y132S-6 3 10788x2524x4486 16.9
2FLG-1200 1200 5-7 2340-3200 310 12 Y132M2-6 7.5x2 Y100L-4 2.2 8230x2728x3110 15.8
2FLG-1500 1500 4-6 2280-5480 470 12 Y160M-6 11x2 Y100L-4 2.2 10410x3392x4070 21.1
2FLG-2000 2000 3.6-4.5 7780-11880 800 12 Y160L-6 15x2 Y100L-4 3 10788x4595x4486 36.4

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