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Electric Gold Smelting Furnace

Short Description:

Gold smelting furnace adopts the principle of magnetic induction eddy current heating and use electric current to generate magnetic field through coil. When magnetic field line passes through metal material in magnetic field, it makes boiler body heat at high speed on its own, and then heat material again. And in short time, it reaches the required temperature.

Product Detail

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1.Gold melting furnace is suitable for melting: platinum, palladium gold, gold, silver, copper, steel, gold powder, sand, silver powder, silver mud, tin slag, stainless steel, aluminum and other high melting point metals for melting.

2. Single melting metal amount 1-2KG, single melting time 1-3 minutes.

3. The highest furnace temperature can reach 1500-2000 degrees.


Working Principle

High-frequency and high-current flows into a heating coil(usually made of copper tube)that is wound into a ring or other shape,thereby generating a strong magnetic flux with a momentary change in the coil,and placing a heated object such as metal in the coil.The magnetic flux will penetrate the entire heated object.In the direction of the opposite direction of the heating current inside the heated object,a large eddy current will be generated.Due to the resistance of the heated object,a lot of heat will be generated.The temperature of the object itself rises rapidly,reaching the purpose of heating or smelting. To protect the machine body from being overheated, a water pump is needed to ensure the water recycling to cool the machine and prolong its working life.


Product Advantages

1. Compact small size, covering less than one square meter;

2. Installation, operation is very simple, user can learn immediately;

3. Fast heating speed, reduce surface oxidation;

4. Environmental protection, less pollution, minimum loss of melting,

5. Full protection: equipped with alarm devices such as over-pressure, over-current, heat input, water shortage, etc., and automatic control and protection.


Model Power Melting capacity for different materials
Iron, steel Gold, silver, copper Alluminium
GP-15 5KW 0.5KG 2 KG 0.5 KG
GP-25 8KW 1 KG 4 KG 1 KG
ZP-15 15KW 3KG 10KG 3KG
ZP-25 25KW 5KG 20KG 5KG
ZP-35 35KW 10KG 30KG 10KG
ZP-45 45KW 18KG 50KG 18KG
ZP-70 70KW 25KG 100KG 25KG
ZP-90 90KW 40KG 120KG 40KG
ZP-110 110KW 50KG 150KG 50KG
ZP-160 160KW 100KG 250KG 100KG

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