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Gold Kacha Centrifugal Concentrator Collector Machine

Short Description:

Gold kacha, also called gold centrifugal concentrator is a simple and popular small scale gold concentrate collector. It is popularly used in Africa and South American countries, where there are abundant small scale gold mining. Gold Kacha concentrator is an ideal equipment for small gold miners for its low cost,easy operation and high gold recovery rate.

Product Detail

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Gold kacha concentrator has almost wide application in all kinds of gold gravity solution plant. It can be used in placer alluvial gold sand, and also used in quartz vein gold grinding process. You can put the gold container river sand into the gold kacha and get the gold black sand concentrate. Also you can connect the gold wet pan mill with the gold kacha, and gold kacha can collect the gold from the slurry produced by the wet pan mill.


Working Principle

The working principle of gold kacha is almost same with the knelson concentrator. The raw material and water inside the bowl liner was mixed and become slurry, the slurry density should be less than 30%. Then when the bowl liner rotates, the heavy gold particles or black sand is sprinkled inside the grooves of the bowl liner because of the eccentric power, while the light tailing sand or soil is discharged from the discharge mouth. After 40 minutes or one hour, the gold kacha should be switched off, and the worker use water spray to wash off the gold concentrate in the grooves. And finally the gold concentrate and water is discharged from the small holes at the bottom of the bowl liner.







Max feeding size/mm

Water required(m³/h)

Max Slurry density

Concentrate weight per batch/KG

Run time per batch/Hour

Gold kacha









Product Advantages

1.Complete, simple and robust processing solution = high recovery of both coarse and fine precious metals, especially fine gold recovery, from dump tailings, rubble beds & alluvial sands.

2.Suited to remote areas and rough terrain, run via generator and solar option available.

3.No clean water required, suited to all kinds of terrain and environmental conditions, ideal for gold prospecting.

4.Multiples can be used as a custom treatment facility, where the owner can hire them out and enable others to process their own material in a safe & simple way. Nesting several units also means that one operator can treat a larger tonnage of his own material.


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