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10-20 Ton Per Hourcopper Gold Ore Flotation Machine

Short Description:

Flotation machine can be used for separating copper, lead-zinc ore, molybdenum ore, graphite ore, fluorite ore, phosphate, selected gold, silver, iron, rare earth ore, talc and so on. It is widely used in the separation and recovery for fine minerals of ferrous metal, precious metal, nonferrous metal, non-metallic minerals, rare metal, non-metal, etc.

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The flotation machine is mainly composed of slurry tank, agitation device, air charging device, discharge mineralized bubble device, motor, etc. our company produces a wide variety of flotation machines, such as mechanical flotation machine, air charging agitation flotation machine, etc.; the models are complete, such as XJK, JJF, SF, BF, kfy, XCF, etc. At present, mechanical agitation flotation machine is commonly used.


Working Principle

The grinded ore, after grinding or after grinding, is added with water and the necessary chemicals are mixed into slurry through the mixing tank, and then injected into the slurry tank where the mixing starts, and air is introduced into the slurry to form a large number of bubbles. Some mineral particles, which are not easy to be wet by water, are generally called hydrophobic mineral particles attached to the bubbles, and float to the slurry surface together with the bubbles to form a mineralized bubble layer. Others It is easy to be wetted by water, that is, generally called hydrophilic mineral particles do not adhere to the bubble, but stay in the pulp, and discharge the mineralized bubble containing specific minerals, so as to achieve the purpose of beneficiation.



Model SF0.37 SF0.7 SF1.2 SF2.8 SF4.0 SF8.0
Volume (m3) 0.37 0.7 1.2 2.8 4.0 8.0
 Impeller diameter
300 350 450 550 650 760
 Capacity (t/h) 0.2-0.4 0.3-0.9 0.6-1.2 1.5-3.5 0.5-4.0 4.0-8.0
 Impeller speed (r/min) 352 400 312 268 238 238
Motor model rotor Y90L-4 Y132S-6 Y13M-6 Y180L-8 Y200L-8 Y200L-8
scraper Y80L-4 Y90L-6 Y90L-6 Y100L-6 Y100L-6 Y100L-6
 power(kw) ①2.2 ②0.75 ①3 ②0.75 ①5.5 ②0.75 ①11 ②1.1 ①15 ②1.5 ①30 ②1.5
 Chute weight (kg/chute) 445 600 1240 2242 2660 4043
Overall dimension (mm) 700×700×750 900×1100×950 1100×1100×1100 1700×1600×1150 1700×1600×1150 2250×2850×1400

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