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Alluvial Placer Gold Washing Plant Concentrate Sluice Box

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A gold sluice box is a standard and crucial item for collect gold concentrate and black sand. Used for hundreds of years they are a very effective way to wash and concentrate gold. Different sluice boxes provide different types of riffles, sluice mattings, carpets, and miners moss to help collect large gold and very fine gold alike.  Choosing the proper sluice box for your needs and type of gold is crucial to your success.  If you are uncertain which works for you, please feel free to contact us and we will help guide you along the way.

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Gold Sluice box is normally used in gold washing plant for recovery the tailing, and also it's been wildly used to recovery the placer gold as a panning sluice box, and sluice is working together with trammel screen. Sluice box is one of the most popular equipment for gold mining, which consist the steel structure and gold mat carpet. The carpet used in our sluice box is imported from Japan to ensure the high quality and high efficiency.When the gold sluice mat has collected enough concentrate, the worker needs to remove it and put new gold blanket mats. The gold concentrate loaded mat need to put in clean water and the concentrate can be washed away and clean.


Gold Sluice Box Specification


Carpet Length

Carpet Width






1-30 tph

No need




1-20 tph

No need




1-10 tph

No need

PS:The specifications of our sluice machine can be customzied as per customer's request.
We can customize the length and width.
We can customize the cover on top to prevent gold being stolen.
We can customize metal mesh and the carpet materials as per customer's request.

Gold Sluice Carpet Selection

We will choose the suitable carpet for customers according to gold particle size in raw ore. We have three kinds of carpet as per gold particle size. 1. Carpet for fine grained gold,normally is 0-6mm; 2. Carpet for medium grained gold,normally is 6-12mm; 3. Carpet for coarse grained gold,normally is 10-30mm; If customers dont need the complete set sluice box machine,we also can sell the sluice matting/carpet separately.


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