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Hammer Crusher Hammer Spare Parts

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Hammer crusher hammer or hammer head is the main wear parts of hammer crusher. It is usually used to crush soft or medium hard material, like clay,concrete waste or limestone. The big heavy type hammer crusher is used to crush limestone to make cement.

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Hammer crusher spare parts mainly refer to hammer, also called hammer head, is usually made of high manganese alloy, usually we say Mn13Cr2.

Besides the manganese alloy hammer, our company also develop another type of advanced hammer, that is bi-metal composite crusher hammer. The bi-metal composite hammer lift is around 3 times of the common crusher hammer. It is also call double liquid composite hammer, means it is the connect of two different material. The hammer hold is made of casting alloy which features good persistence, while the hammer head part is made of high chrome alloy, whose hardness is HRC62-65, which can break the stone easily with little wearing.


Hammer Crusher Rotor Assembly


Hammer Crusher Grate Bars

The hammer crusher mill grate bar type is our new design. As the traditional hammer crusher grates are a complete screen, so when some grates is broken, the whole grate screen will be replaced, which is a big loss and consume more time. We have invented the new grate bars, so you can put the grate bars one by one, and when the grate bar is broken you can change the broken ones, and keep the sound ones, which save much cost and time.


Titanium Carbide Hammer

Besides traditional hammer, we also develop new type titanium carbide hammer to increase durability and strength of the hammer, whose using life is 3 to 4 times of the common manganese hammer. The titanium carbide columns are now available with different length, 13mm, 20mm, 30mm, 40mm and 60mm. Many cement factory and quarry customer used our titanium carbide hammer and are very satisfied with its long lift, saving more spare parts changing time.

Titanium Hammer Sample


Titanium Hammer After Used


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