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Sand Soil Gold Ore Rotary Trommel Screen Machine

Short Description:

Rotary trommel screen, also called rotary drum screen, which consists of four major sections: drum, screen mesh, discharge hopper, support base frame and drive device.

Trommel screen is mostly used in the following areas:
1) Quarry: gravel, clay, mountain meal, sand, etc.
2) Coal Industry: lump coal, coal dust, coal washing, etc.
3) Gold Mine: gold screening and washing
4) Chemical Industry: sifting calcium oxide, compost
5) Metallurgy, construction, mineral-selecting, etc.
6) Recycling Industry: solid waste, scrap tires, plastic, etc.

Product Detail

Product Tags

When material feed into the drum, under the influence of large centrifugal force, material will make a spiral movement along with drum surface. Meanwhile, oversize materials was removed out of discharge outlet; qualified materials(different sizes) be collected in undersize hoppers. Then sent to be the next system by belt conveyor or other.

We can customize the trommel screen according to customer requirements.
The four type of trommel drum screen we can make include: 1. enclosed type. 2. Open type, 3.heavy type. 4. light duty type. The mesh sizes can be tailored according to the raw material sizes.


Drum Screen Advantages


1. Good performance, highest production rates, lowest input costs and long service life.

2. Capacity range of 7.5-1500 m3/hour of slurry, or 6-600 tons/hour of solids, per single trommel.

3. Special design of screen makes it more durable than a common one.

4. Heavy duty jacking and adjustable stands, assist in rapid set up & assembly time.

5. High pressure spray bar network around the hopper and through out the length of the trommel.

6. Heavy duty roller supports (steel or rubber) wheels.

7. Portable mobile or stationary configuration.

Rotary Trommel Drum Screen Specifications

Model Capacity (t/h) Motor (kw) Drum size (mm) Feed Size (mm) Overall size (mm) Weight (KG)
GTS-1015 5-20 3 1000×1500 less than 200 mm 2600×1400×1700 2200
GTS-1020 10-30 4 1000×2000 less than 200 mm 3400×1400×2200 2800
GTS-1225 20-80 5.5 1200×2500 less than 200 mm 4200×1500×2680 4200
GTS-1530 30-100 7.5 1500×3000 less than 200 mm 4500×1900×2820 5100
GTS-1545 50-120 11 1500×4500 less than 200 mm 6000×1900×3080 6000
GTS-1848 80-150 15 1800×4800 less than 200 mm 6500×2350×4000 7500
GTS-2055 120-250 22 2000×5500 less than 200 mm 7500×2350×4800 9600
GTS-2265 200-350 30 2200×6500 less than 200 mm 8500×2750×5000 12800

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