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Mobile wheel type diesel engine PE250x400 jaw crusher ready for delivery.

Diesel mobile jaw crusher is widely used for crushing various materials like stone, granite, trap rock, coke, coal, manganese ore, iron ore, emery, fused aluminum, oxide, fused calcium carbide, lime stone, quartzite, alloys, etc. The application of tires makes the machine more convenient to move and adapt to various application, especially when your place lack of electricity or you need to move machines frequently.

Because the the mobile diesel engine jaw crusher above mentioned advantages, now it is very popular among foreign customers. One of our Philippine customers want to crush the gold rock stone and he demands the capacity is 10-15 ton per hour and final size is less than 20mm. And we recommended the mobile diesel PE250x400 model. After the customer paid the deposit, we finished the crusher machine for him within one week. Now the crusher will be painted and packaged and sent to Manila, Philipine.

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Post time: 13-10-21

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